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Services (OEM &Aftermarket)

Providing Quality Equipment and Service Leadership in the aftermarket services, INTEGRATED SERVICES provides quick response and fast delivery times on all Integrated equipment, from wellhead components and BOPs to production equipment and frac valves. The Integrated Service Team is built around leadership, knowledge of products, and first class workmanship.Every Integrated service technician will always put SAFETY at the highest priority, conducting pre-planning,writing the Job Safety Analysis,and inspecting personal tooling.

INTEGRATED SERVICES is there for you – around the clock, wherever your need is.Integrated Services offers solutions that can lead to cost savings and faster turn-around times.Integrated aftermarket service and repair centers are strategically located around the world to provide you with the quality and speed of service that you demand.

For more information on our service capabilities, or to receive a quotation for your repair needs and field service needs, contact the INTEGRATED SERVICES department through the “Contact Us” web page.There you will find the expertise and responsiveness you seek.

Field Services

Integrated field service technicians are available both domestically and internationally, providing a wide variety of field services (related to blowout preventers and valves only).

In-House Repairs and Other Services

INTEGRATED SERVICES Repair Centers offer our customers the resource to send in their equipment for any repairs, reconditioning, remanufacturing, recertification, retrofits, upgrades, and replacements on any of its products plus a wide range of products from other manufacturers.  Integrated Services repairs any brand of equipment for first class or working class conditions that complies with API specifications.  Our primary goal is to provide customers with cost-effective and timely repair solutions.  Let us extend the life of your equipment.

Numerous service locations worldwide

Each staffed with experienced and highly qualified, trained OEM service technicians. Facilities include Houston, Texas (corporate repair/service facility); Pune, India; Jakarta, Indonesia; Tangerang, Indonesia; planned facilities in Mexico and the Middle East. At our service locations we stock genuine OEM replacement parts to assure reliability and your peace of mind.

Reconditioning / Remanufacturing.

INTEGRATED SERVICES can recondition or remanufacture any make or size of valve, actuator, safety valve, control valve, wellhead component, blowout preventer, manifold, drilling and production choke, control system, or production system, thus offering an economical alternative to new products when economics make replacement infeasible. Reconditioning restores equipment to a like-new condition and meets all OEM and aftermarket specifications, including recertification. Remanufacturing restores equipment to a given set of specifications provide by the customer for a specific application.

Retrofits / Upgrades.

INTEGRATED SERVICES offers retrofit and upgrade services where your equipment already in service is modified with new material or improved components, adapting older equipment with updated components. Retrofits and upgrades can offer the customer enhanced performances from older equipment thus improving the quality, value, and effectiveness.

Repairs / Replacements.

When the need is to put a piece of equipment quickly back into service, sometimes the best solution is simply to replace parts and make repairs. Integrated Services offers quick turn-around times on replacement of gaskets, rings, seals, bearings, and other parts for a variety of equipment, including valves, gearboxes, blowers, compressors, and others.

Welding / Machining / Fabrication Services.

Integrated offers quality services to meet a variety of special customer requirements. You can depend on Integrated Services to produce high quality work with competitive prices whatever the service need.

Inspections / Testing / Recertification.

When inspection, testing, and/or recertification are called for, let Integrated Services be your first call. Integrated Equipment is currently in the process of seeking API Q1 certification in its service functions.