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The Integrated Model ISA™ Spherical Annular Type Blowout Preventer is a hydraulic operated device designed for well pressure control during workover, snubbing and drilling operations. Simplistic design, ease of maintenance and field proven reliability … Integrated’s ISA™ Packing Element can close on almost any shape or size tubing, casing, drill pipe, drill collars, tool joints, wireline, and coiled tubing in the well bore or completely seal off (CSO) of the open bore. It is ideal for stripping tubing, pipe, and wireline.

The Integrated ISA™ Spherical Annular Blowout Preventer (BOP) ensures top-tier well pressure control for drilling, workover and snubbing.

Its simple and compact design guarantees easy maintenance and reliability.  The design with minimum moving parts provides excellent repeatability in positive sealing.

Its versatility is a game-changer, with an added advantage of inhouse manufactured Packing element.  Whether stripping tubing, pipe, or wireline, the Integrated ISA™ Packing Element is your trusted ally.  Elevate your operations with the Integrated Model ISA™ Spherical Annular BOP – where simplicity meets unmatched performance.